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How It Works



We are a platform specially designed as an alternative to allow the African diaspora to help pay unpaid bills. In Africa, banking is for the most part a difficult process, which is why we help.

Anyone who wants to pay someone else's bill can use our service but only a Registered Member-Partner is entitled to receive payment.

What onafriKa is not

onafriKa is NOT a bank neither do bank operations. onafriKa do NOT offer loans or similar activities. OnafriKa may advance cash money to help members in need but will not charge interests; it may charge administrative service but not interest. 


A Partner is any individual or legal organization operating in educational, healthcare or social-development fields who agrees and adheres to the onafriKa policy. He/she HAVE to offer product or service for sell.


onafriKa will have to help him/her getting bills paid using. The Partnership consists of the Partner allowing onafriKa to receive payments on his/her behalf before depositing in its bank account.

There are two types of Partnership: Partner Silver and Partner Gold.

The Partner Silver is entitled to receive less than a thousand payments when the Partner Gold may receive more than a thousand within a year (12 months). Any Partner Silver Plan will automatically turn into a Partner Gold Account once payment receives reach a thousand. 

Amount Limit & Timing

No bill can exceed $500 per day per payer. No Partner is allowed to receive more than $6,000 per month


What we offer


Contact over the phone or fill out the part request form to get serviced with your equipment. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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